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Videos on making good Powerpoint presentations ⇢

Larry Ferlazzo is using these with his students so that they may create their own Powerpoint presentations. ⇢

Click through to read Free Tech for Teacher’s description of, a service that allows you to create narrations to your Powerpoint presentations. If you like the idea of a “flipped classroom,” an alternative to screencasts, or providing your notes outside of class, this might be a good option fory ou.

More Prezi Updates ⇢

Read about updates and changes to Prezi at the Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness.

A few useful things from Free Tech for Teachers

I post a lot of links to Free Tech for Teachers, which is an awesome resource and a blog you should add to your RSS feed if you haven’t already. Every once in a while, when I have a bunch of posts I like from Free Tech for Teachers at once, I’ll lump them together.

Revolutionize Education: Why Prezi Blows PowerPoint Away for Presentations ⇢


Prezi makes presentations impossibly easy and they look amazing when projected in front of a class. If you use PowerPoint a lot, you must check out this alternative right now. So much can be done with simple actions on Prezi. Instead of going through the hassle of insert text boxes in…

Love Prezis! Takes a little to get the hang of, but great to use once you do.

Want to revamp your presentations? Try these 10 programs! ⇢

I’m adding Prezi to this list.

34 Free Productivity Tools that will Help You Eliminate Expensive Software ⇢

Helpful blog posts

Here are some blog posts I’ve stumbled across recently that may be able to help you in some way.


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