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ScreenChomp- Create and share tutorials on your iPad ⇢

ScreenChomp is a free app for creating and sharing short tutorials or lessons on your iPad. ScreenChomp provides a whiteboard on which you can demonstrate things by drawing and talking people through your instructions.

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Activities for Teaching Google Tools to Teachers and Students ⇢

The above is a link to Richard Byrne’s (at Free Tech for Teachers) post about his activities; here’s a direct link to the activities page.

Free Tech for Teachers: ConceptBoard ⇢

There are many ways for teams of students to collaborate online and here’s another promising one. Conceptboard is a service that provides an online whiteboard space that you can use to share drawings, documents, spreadsheets, and more. 

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Teacher people: If you don't have a Dropbox account, you need to get one. ⇢


Click the link above and sign up for a free account.

I use mine for school.  It’s so easy to work on something at home, save it to the dropbox, and immediately access it at work.  With the printing issues I had today, I could easily go to dropbox’s website, sign in, get my stuff and print it from a different computer.

I also sync this with for students to turn in homework.  

Like I said, I only use mine for school.  I don’t put heavy, personal information in mine (cloud services are a risk like that).  

Click the link and DOOO EET.

I echo everything GWALP says here! I don’t know how I did things before Dropbox. Do you know how many times I left my flashdrive in a school computer? Also, I love Dropbox because when I edit docs on my computer at home, they automatically update “in the cloud” and I don’t have to re-transfer them.

Beginning-of-the-year Student Surveys

Last year, I ditched the idea of having students fill out an “about me” notecard with interests and contact information. Instead, I had them fill out a Google Form I made available online via my class website. It worked really well, keeping the information organized and easy to look up. 

I’m going to create my surveys for this year soon and I’m brainstorming new questions to add. I’m thinking of adding a question about cell phones and texting plans so I can think of the feasibility of using a service like Poll Everywhere in my classroom. 

What are your favorite questions to ask in the beginning of the year student surveys?

BREAKING: iTunes App Store launches "Apps for Teachers" section ⇢
iPads for Learning Getting Started


Oh look. A free, professionally designed booklet of classroom ideas for teaching and learning with iPads. And you can download it.

Thank you to everyone who makes incredible things like this, and then gives them away. You’re outstanding.

You can also find it here if you don’t want to read it as an embedded thing.

77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try This Summer ⇢

Via Free Tech for Teachers.

Creating class e-books ⇢

A couple of resources for blogging with your students


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