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Teacher people: If you don't have a Dropbox account, you need to get one. ⇢


Click the link above and sign up for a free account.

I use mine for school.  It’s so easy to work on something at home, save it to the dropbox, and immediately access it at work.  With the printing issues I had today, I could easily go to dropbox’s website, sign in, get my stuff and print it from a different computer.

I also sync this with for students to turn in homework.  

Like I said, I only use mine for school.  I don’t put heavy, personal information in mine (cloud services are a risk like that).  

Click the link and DOOO EET.

I echo everything GWALP says here! I don’t know how I did things before Dropbox. Do you know how many times I left my flashdrive in a school computer? Also, I love Dropbox because when I edit docs on my computer at home, they automatically update “in the cloud” and I don’t have to re-transfer them.

The Complete Dropbox for Educators ⇢


A ginormous collection of resources about how you can use Dropbox as an educator. It’s one of my absolute favorite tools working in education.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dropbox, it’s basically a piece of software that lets you sync files between multiple computers, and online.

And it’s totally free.

You can learn more about some of the things you could do with it as an educator at the link above.

If you decide after reading it all that you’d like to sign up, please click this link. This is a referral link. I do not receive any financial compensation for you clicking it, but they will slightly upgrade my storage capacity. If you don’t want to click it, you can always go directly to to sign up.

Uploading It offers a place to store and organize your files online (up to 10 GB free). I haven’t tried this out because I mainly use Dropbox for this. From what I understand, Uploading It’s purpose is more for file storage, while I appreciate Dropbox’s file synchronization. However, I thought this might be useful for someone out there! Watch the video to learn more about what Uploading It has to offer. Thanks goes to Free Tech for Teachers for sharing this resource.


Free Tech for Teachers: Try DROPitTOme to Collect Assignments Online ⇢

As usual, I can’t think of a better way to explain it than Richard Byrne already has:

DROPitTOme is a free service that works with Drop Box to allow people to upload files to your Drop Box account without giving them access to the contents of your Drop Box account. For those not familiar with Drop Box it is a service that provides 2GB of free online file storage (by the way, that’s way more than the 100mb offered). You can access your Drop Box from any computer and most mobile devices. You can also sync it across multiple computers. “

Check out the link to his original post to see some how-to videos related to DropBox and DROPitTOme.

10 (more) Killer Dropbox Tips ⇢

Don’t worry, the first fifteen are on here too.

Dropbox has made my life easier in a way I didn’t know it could be this year. I mean, what could be easier than a flash drive? If you share files between your home and school computer, I definitely recommend checking this tool out if you haven’t already.

How I am staying organized this year

Three tools:

How did I even survive last year without these things? Sometimes I’m really not sure.

The key to all of these tools is that they are accessible anywhere you have access to a computer/internet. Pretty sure most of them have smartphone apps as well, but being smartphoneless, I don’t always check for these things.

Evernote allows me to create notes for myself. I can edit these/access them from different computers. I kind of use is as a portable post it note service. I constantly make to do lists for lesson planning and use it to store bits information related to organizations I’m involved in this year that don’t necessarily need Word Docs. Another thing I find it handy for is for storing random bits of info that you need to keep but may not have a good place for (umm, like the confirmation number for my electronically-submitted school tech request?)

Diigo is a social bookmarking site (like Delicious). It allows me to access my bookmarks anywhere and tag/organize my bookmarks so they are more easily accessed. I also like Diigo because I can highlight and make notes on sites.

Dropbox is like a digital flash drive. No more trying to remember to cart my USB drive around or e-mail myself files. I like using this for school-related files instead of Google Docs because my Google Docs account is cluttered with a bunch of other stuff. One nice thing about Dropbox is that if you have the service downloaded on your computer, when you edit the files you have saved into Dropbox they are automatically updated there. You can also upload files manually online.

What tips/tools help you stay organized?

Dropbox - File sharing, backup, and syncing made easy. ⇢

This is a great way to sync files (of any kind or any size) between computers. Your files will also be accessible online anywhere there is an internet connection.

Best of all, it’s free.

Thanks everydayramny for the resource! I have come across this before but I thought you had to download it on all computers you want to access it on— don’t think I can download onto school computers. But I’ll definitely have to look more into it now!

Don't Get Me Started!: Do You Use Dropbox? ⇢

Dropbox is simplifying our lives within the department.

Our social studies department has decided to use Dropbox to share files among us this year. I’m really impressed. As department chair, I can drop in my agenda for meetings and add any other files that I would have distributed as email…


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