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Tales of an 8th Grade Teacher: Back to School Reflections: What makes you nervous? ⇢


As the school year approaches for me, I always start to get nervous. I work very hard and always try to do my best, but I still worry about a multitude of things.

  • Am I prepared? Am I ready to meet every day and challenge head on?
  • Am I growing as an educator? Can I be doing more to develop as a…

Getting Ready to Go “Back to School” « TWO WRITING TEACHERS ⇢



Who I am: A fourth year high school history teacher at an urban(ish) high school in New Jersey.

What I blog about: Stuff related to education I like, and stuff I hope can help other teachers out. Technology, deals on supplies, helpful books. My focus lately is on educational technology & related resources. Occasionally, I also post things related to education reform. Because I post articles that I feel will be of interest to teachers with varying views, the political-related posts made here do not necessarily reflect my beliefs or opinions, nor do they reflect the beliefs of my employer.

What I like learning & reading about: Other teacher's opinions about and experiences with teaching & education. How I can enrich my classroom and reach out to my students. If you write about this stuff, let me know, because I probably want to read it.

What you should submit: Anything that could help a teacher.

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