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Beginning-of-the-year Student Surveys

Last year, I ditched the idea of having students fill out an “about me” notecard with interests and contact information. Instead, I had them fill out a Google Form I made available online via my class website. It worked really well, keeping the information organized and easy to look up. 

I’m going to create my surveys for this year soon and I’m brainstorming new questions to add. I’m thinking of adding a question about cell phones and texting plans so I can think of the feasibility of using a service like Poll Everywhere in my classroom. 

What are your favorite questions to ask in the beginning of the year student surveys?


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  2. novicephoenix said: This is great! I’m also doing the same thing! Yay! :)
  3. novicephoenix answered: Who do you TRUST in this classroom (students only) ?
  4. savingfiyero answered: make it fun and interesting. questions like if you were stuck in a desert and came across a vending machine, what one item would you get?
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  6. teacherman answered: Who do you look up to and why?
  7. adolwyn answered: I always ask about student access to computers and internet. Usually only about half have access to both. :(
  8. therationalradical answered: GForms are great for email addresses… just copy/paste that column into an email and you have an instant listserve.
  9. thestudentteacher answered: I am doing a full year of student teaching and got some great responses by asking the students to name one thing they are proud of.
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  11. eninsevil answered: "Is there anything you wish to go over about last years work?" spiral curriculum man, background knowledge matters
  12. therabbitsaresighing answered: What is your least favorite subject and why.
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