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Teacher people: If you don't have a Dropbox account, you need to get one. ⇢


Click the link above and sign up for a free account.

I use mine for school.  It’s so easy to work on something at home, save it to the dropbox, and immediately access it at work.  With the printing issues I had today, I could easily go to dropbox’s website, sign in, get my stuff and print it from a different computer.

I also sync this with for students to turn in homework.  

Like I said, I only use mine for school.  I don’t put heavy, personal information in mine (cloud services are a risk like that).  

Click the link and DOOO EET.

I echo everything GWALP says here! I don’t know how I did things before Dropbox. Do you know how many times I left my flashdrive in a school computer? Also, I love Dropbox because when I edit docs on my computer at home, they automatically update “in the cloud” and I don’t have to re-transfer them.


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    Always love it when I find exactly what I am looking for: ways that technology can help improve teaching/organization.
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    Signed-up for this awhile ago but wasn’t sure how I would use it. Excited to have this tool now after reading this.
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    I echo everything GWALP says here! I don’t know how I did things before Dropbox. Do you know how many times I left my...
  15. angrylittledad said: I got mine hooked up to the and have my students submit work through it. If they were so inclined to post from home, I could see it update on my home computer. Keyword: If.
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