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What happened this summer?

I completely dropped off the face of the Internet (sans the occasional Facebooking). 

Life got the better of me, Tumblr. Things for Teachers was an easy routine for me to continue until May hit. I was still teaching through mid-June, but I decided to start grad classes and my summer job around the same time mid-May. One week, I worked 30 hours outside of teaching- and still had schoolwork to do.

Summer came and I kept thinking, “I’ll have more time next week.” With my part-time job, grad school, and a month-long moving process that consisted of a million shopping trips (I needed to furnish an apartment!) my summer seemed scheduled down to the minute. 

My last class of the summer ended a week or so ago, around the same time I finally finished moving. I’ve had a little more time to reflect on teaching and think about the upcoming school year (plus received some encouraging words from mikemewborne). School starts in two weeks here in Southern NJ. Throughout the summer, I was invited to do a couple of workshops at school- and I know it was because of my involvement in new technology last year. 

This will be my third year teaching, and I still feel like a new teacher striving to become a better teacher. I have been thinking about how I grow as a teacher and I realized in this thought process that I can’t abandon Tumblr because this IS my process of becoming a better teacher. Tumblr motivates me to read my RSS feed, check Twitter out, and pass on new things to all of you. 

School starts in 2 weeks. My next grad class starts in 1. I will still be working part-part-time outside of school. But, I resolve that I will try my hardest to stick around here. 


  1. mathematiquesnoir said: People have no idea how hard it is to stay consistent in being an excellent blogger. Don’t stress, and good luck for the coming year.
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