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hey, im an highschool junior thinking about getting into teaching. i wanna be a highschool chemistry teacher....where do i go from here? like what should i be looking for in colleges and what should i be expecting?

This can vary a bit depending on where you want to go to college and what state you are in. If you want to stay local for college, you might want to ask a few teachers where they went to school or what schools in your area have good education programs. That will help narrow down your search to begin with.

Other things to consider in choosing an education program:

  • Is the school NCATE accredited?
  • How early and how often does the program have you observing classes/teaching lessons?
  • Does the program offer courses in educational technology, special education/inclusion education (even if you’re not specializing in this), or ESL?
  • How well does the college fit into your budget?
  • How does the college handle education majors? (will you double major in chemistry + education? Is there a chemistry ed major?) This may affect how long you need to go to school- does an education major require extra credits/can you still graduate in 4 years?

I think how early & often a college has you in classrooms is very important so you are exposed to the environment as a teacher and you can make sure it’s really what you want to do. I started doing practicums my sophomore year of college & was in classrooms every semester after that.

Tumblr Teachers out there, as always, if you have input please share via ask/submit! (or reply to this).


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