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Hey Tumblr teachers, what do you wear to work?

I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures with teachers with jeans on at work which is crazy to me! The men have to wear shirts and ties at my school and women are supposed to wear business professional (although mostly we get away with business casual, but definitely no jeans). So, what do men & women wear at your school?


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    I wear jeans sometimes. I confess, I wonder about work style. I try to wear skirts that hit the knee and I’ve been...
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    I’m pre-service, but have gone to watch a lot of different teachers…whenever I go in, I have business casual dress. A...
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    The lack of professional dress at a school shows lack of respect for the job and yourself as a professional teacher, I...
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    The teachers’ clothing styles at my school varies. It really depends on the individual as long as we dress respectfully....
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    When it comes to what I wear to work 95% of the time I’m dressy casual. I don’t ever wear jeans to work. Our contract...
  8. renateharris answered: I work in a NPS…as long as it is black & white, we can wear what we want, even shorts for our really hot days. We are lucky.
  9. teacher-learner answered: usually khakis, dress shirt, polo shirt, casual wear on Fridays
  10. groomonadiet answered: The majority of the teachers where I teach wear shirt and ties and then friday is casual day. So we wear jeans and tshirts or polos.
  11. unbreakable-spirit answered: My attire consists of neat black/grey/pinstripped pants with blouses, cardigans, coats and jumpers. I sometimes wear tights and neat skirts
  12. geraldobispo answered: Os professores se vestem de maneira comum.
  13. theworldaseyseeit said: Kakis and polos mostly for me. Jeans on friday’s if we were present all week and pay two dollars toward rewards for PBIS
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    I don’t know, the idea of “policing” what adults wear is very common in most other professions. There’s a standard of...
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    There are schools in The Netherlands who have a dress code, but that’s usually the very religious ones (women aren’t...
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    We are supposed to wear dress casual or “professional dress.” Jeans are allowed on Fridays or on occasions when we earn...
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    When I student taught (at a progressive, public school in Boston) I asked my cooperating teacher about teacher “dress...
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    We get to wear blue jeans on Wednesdays and Fridays. Every other day is pretty casual. Colored skinnies, leggings, dress...
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    I wear jeans with flip-flops most of the time ( I live in AZ), but I usually wear shorts if i teach during the summer.
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    We’re pretty casual. I mean, when you’re hired, you’re given a logo hoodie and they’re seen throughout the building,...
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    The official rule at my school is blue jeans on Friday, but I’ve seen some teachers wear leggings during the week. That...
  22. thecalmwasdeceptive answered: My school is extremely casual (flipflops, bermuda shorts, etc.), but I wear dresses about 90% of the time. Jeans are allowed on Friday.
  23. grimgroaningghost answered: Business Casual except paydays and paid dress-down days ($1 goes to school funds, and we get to wear jeans!).
  24. wincherella said: We only wear jeans on Fridays and we have to donate to charity in order to do that. The test if the time it’s business casual for both men and women, although my teaching partner wears a shirt and tie most days. For me it’s dress pants, boots and nice top

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