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Are school nurses disappearing? ⇢

That’s a question every parent should ask, for today a missing school nurse isn’t the exception but the rule. According to the National Association of School Nurses, only 45 percent of the nation’s public schools have a full-time on-site nurse. Thirty percent have one who works part-time — often dividing her hours between multiple school buildings — and a full 25 percent have no nurse at all. The implications are sobering. Having no school nurse can mean that kids who have or develop a serious health problem may not receive immediate diagnosis or treatment. Those who depend on daily medications may receive them from staff who have no medical training. Physical or emotional problems may go unnoticed. Healthy kids may miss out on lessons in hygiene and nutrition. Everyone loses.

There’s no shortage of people willing to do the job, says Sandi Delack, president of NASN; the issue is funding. Districts everywhere are under pressure to raise academic test scores, and to do so with ever-shrinking budgets. When inevitable cuts come, the first to go are programs not required by law. And, strikingly, very few states mandate that a nurse be in every school; individual districts decide if it’s a priority.



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    At the Little Rock, AR elementary I worked in through City Year, the nurse was only in our school a couple of days out...
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    I have a better understanding and appreciation for school nurses. I would not be able to properly care for half of the...
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    TRUTH! My mom did ER work and premie care to gain real experience before settling into her goal of being a school nurse....
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    This is depressing, considering that my mother is a nurse and substituted for school nurses for a while. I can’t even...
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